NCBEA Membership

NCBEA is proud of its history of serving the business teachers in North Carolina and being affiliated with Southern Business Education Association and National Business Education Association.  Membership in NCBEA provides teachers with additional opportunities for professional development though the seminars and workshops that are provided to members at reduced rates.  Though participation in the various NCBEA activities conducted each year, members enjoy networking with other teachers, working with DPI staff, and gaining opportunities to develop their leadership skills which enables them to be leaders in their schools and their service to North Carolina.

Honorary membership has been granted to individuals who have supported NCBEA in its efforts to provide service to North Carolina business teachers. CAPA membership is granted to NCBEA members who been active members of the organization and have retired from their teaching roles. NCBEA encourages business teachers in North Carolina to become active members in the organization as we seek to improve the quality of business education in the state.